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Religious Society of Friends in Britain (Quakers)

Library and Archives

Library Type: Religious body
Address: 173-177 Euston Road
United Kingdom
Chief Librarian/Director: David Blake
African Specialist:  - -, -
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7663 1135
Web address:
Catalogue Address:
Description of Library: For our printed books and pamphlets collections, information can be gained from the online catalogue by keying "Africa" or specific countries or regions in the subject field - but note that not all materials have yet been catalogued. There are hard copy files available in the library giving information on titles and references to Quaker connections to Africa generally, and to specific countries and regions, to official Quaker archives connected to Africa, and to unpublished Quaker manuscript sources.
Disciplines covered: Economic and/or Social History
Theology Divinity or Religious Studies
Countries covered: Ghana
Malagasy (Madagascar)
Sierra Leone
South Africa
Special Collections: There are approximately 50 manuscript collections relating to Africa, including material on the following:

Algiers; Barbary; Cape Colony; Friends Ambulance Unit; Friends Foreign Mission Association; Friends Service Council; Ghana; Kenya; Liberia; Madagascar; Mauritius; Nigeria; Pemba; Quaker Peace & Service; Quakers; Rhodesia South; Sierra Leone; Society of Friends (Quakers); South Africa;

Collection Size: Books:500
Collection Start: The first Quaker contacts with Africa are recorded in official Quaker documents now preserved as archives, rather than from conscious Library activity. The first Quaker connection to Africa documented may be the instances of British Quakers captured and held in North Africa during the 1670s and 1680s, some of whom formed a small Quaker Meeting (congregation) while in captivity. There were also contacts with Friends at the Cape of Good Hope in the 1720s.
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Publications and databases on African collections produced by the Library: Library Guide 9: "Library sources on Quakers and the origins of the abolition movement" Available here

An online exhibition on slavery is available here

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