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Library Type: Academic
Address: Durham University Library, Main Library, Stockton Road, Durham DH1 3LY<

Durham University LIbrary, Palace Green Section, Palace Green, Durham DH1 3RN

United Kingdom

Chief Librarian/Director: Jon Purcell
African Specialist:  Mamtimym Sunuodula, Area Studies Librarian
Telephone: +44 (0)191 334 2942
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Description of Library: The Sudan collections comprise three main catagories: printed books; archives; and official publications and grey literature from and about the Sudan.

The printed book collection covers a wide range of humanities and social sciences subject areas in Arabic, English as wel as other languages.

The official publications and grey literature collection includes publications of local and national government , political organisations, major private and publicly owned businesses, current affairs magazines and statistical reports. The majority of the printed books and official publications and grey literature are available on open access.

Disciplines covered: Agriculture
Botany or Biology or Zoology
Built Environment or Planning
Development Studies
Economic and/or Social History
Politics and International Studies
Sociology and Demography
Theology Divinity or Religious Studies
Veterinary Science
Countries covered: Commonwealth
East Africa
North Africa
Sierra Leone
South Africa
Southern Africa
Special Collections: Archives

Four major collections are composed wholly, or contain substantial amounts of Africana:

The Sudan Archive comprises the private papers of British men and women who lived and worked in the Sudan during the period of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (1899-1955), most of them officials of the Sudan Political Service or one of the government technical services, the Army or the Church. There is a significant amount of Mahdist material, including manuscripts in Arabic, as well as papers relating to the military campaigns of the 1880s and 1890s. In recent years the scope of the Archive has extended to the period after independence and now contains material up to the present day. The Archive also holds substantial numbers of papers relating to Egypt and other African states bordering on the Sudan.

The Earl Grey Papers are a major source for British military history of the 18th century, and political, colonial, and diplomatic history of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The 3rd Earl was Colonial Secretary 1846-52; the 4th Earl was involved in the British South Africa Company and was Administrator of Rhodesia in 1896; Sir Evelyn Baring was Governor of Southern Rhodesia 1942-1944, U.K. Commissioner for the Union of South Africa and the High Commission Territories 1944-1952, and Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Kenya 1952-1959.

The Library holds the papers of Malcolm MacDonald who, during a long career in the diplomatic service, was Governor and Commander in Chief of Kenya 1963-4, and High Commissioner for Kenya after independence.

The Papers of Abbas Hilmi II comprise the official and personal correspondence of the last Khedive of Egypt, from the period of his khedivate, 1892-1914 as well as his life in exile from 1914 to 1944.

Collection Size: Books:0
Collection Start: 1950s
Access and opening hours: See here and here
Publications and databases on African collections produced by the Library: Daly, M.W. and Forbes, L.E. [compiled by] The Sudan: photographs from the Sudan Archive, Durham University Library (Reading, 1994)

Daly, M.W. and Hogan, Jane R. Images of Empire: photographic sources for the British in the Sudan(Leiden, 2005)

Forbes, L.E., "The Sudan Archive, Durham, as a source for the study of modernization in the Sudan" in Daly, M.W., ed. Modernization in the Sudan: essays in honor of Richard Hill (New York, 1985), 161-70

Sharkey, H.J., "Beyond the Sudan Archive: a guide to doing research on the Sudan in Durham", Sudan studies, 13, (January 1993), 10-19

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